[Marxism] Latinos and the left (was scratches and gangrene)

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 23 14:25:12 MDT 2006

Joaquín has some crucial points, and however much I
disagree with his analysis of the movement, we've got
to do constant reality checks on how we're doing on
this score.
For instance, I was reading an account of Chicago
mobilizing meetings for their immigrants' rights
actions, and they're conducted in Spanish, with
translation for others. The last NY meeting it
occurred to me that not only were ours not, but there
weren't enough grassroots folks there -- the ones who
came out to the march -- for it to yet be an issue
(given the very welcome and necessary participation of
East and South Asians, Arabs, etc., we'd have to work
out a more complex solution). Which is one reason I
pushed for forming shop and neighborhood affiliates of
the coalition...
I'd be a little more charitable to Labor Notes. For
instance, the way I first heard of the UE and other
union involvement in the 300,000 Chicago march was
through them -- including an article saying come to
the conference because we'll be there (the UE Latino
organizers). And there's enough immigrant workshops
and sessions for them to have set up a "track"
(whenever there's enough sessions around a common
theme they set up a track for people to follow through
the weekend). Of course LN won't use its labor
contacts to try to do battle with the bureaucrats I've
criticized here previously, except through educational means...

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