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April 24, 2006 -- In this issue:

Note from the Editor:  Desperately seeking approval -- and money -- or
perhaps as a strategic misstep intended to demonstrate that Karl Rove is
no longer controlling his brain, Mr. Bush had the audacity to step foot
in Northern California...on Earth Day! It was a charade symbolic of the
entire oil-soaked regime's environmental policy: a mountain-bike ride in
the redwoods above luxurious Napa Valley, at one with nature, exercising
the body and soul...with a motorcade of SUVs in tow carrying medics and
machine-gun wielding security agents. If that's not enough to make you
laugh, playwright Hank Bunker conjured up a bizarre tale of Bush gone
AWOL, from the perspective of one dead JFK. Italian politicians and the
elections that select them are as bizarre as America's -- Peter Byrne
offers an amusing poll of the Italian voter's opinion of Silvio
Berlusconi. And it would be funny, if it weren't so true, to follow the
maze of international customer disservice that Milo Clark is experiencing
with his new Dell dud of a computer.

Also in disastrous disrepair, but certainly not the least bit amusing, is
the continuing Israeli-Palestinian quagmire. Author of "The Case Against
Israel" Michael Neumann responds to the critique of his book by Jacob
Amir. Swans' review of Neumann's book prompted a Letter to the Editor by
Amir and an ensuing debate among various parties that we publish here in
its entirety. It is a revealing insight into an unequal conflict in
perpetual search for a just solution. Philip Greenspan adds to that his
viewpoint on the power of the Israel lobby in US politics. As to another
quagmire, people waxing sentimental for the Clinton days of old (or
potential days of new) must not forget that he and his contemporaries
were no more peaceable and, in fact, were responsible for the destruction
of Yugoslavia. Walter Trkla, upon reading Martin Murie's "Yugoslav
Glimpses," was prompted to share his own memories -- and read about the

On the bookshelf, Charles Marowitz found a tale on the life of the
legendary Laurence Olivier by Terry Coleman; and Martin Murie selected
"Predatory Bureaucracy: The Extermination of Wolves and the
Transformation of the West" by Michael J. Robinson.

Poetry flowed from Michael Doliner in two directions -- one toward the
powerless refugee with no future but darkness; another toward the
omnipotent power of the POTUS. Speaking again of POTUS, Gerard Donnelly
Smith's Insurgent series continues with a look at the consequences when
those in absolute power have absolute faith, and George Beres has some
thoughts on the path we're being led down by the born-again man in the
White House (hint: it's not a path to socialism, but see Joe Middleton's
thoughts about the possibility of that future for Scotland.)

Typically irreverent and always political, our editor's blips cover the
gamut: the Republicans' Midas touch from Terri Schiavo to the immigration
"problem"; what the corporate media didn't tell you about Iraq's al-
Jafaari; musings on 21st-century life in the boonies, and more. Finally,
we end with your letters -- continuing the Israeli-Palestinian debate,
praise for Martin Murie and Charles Marowitz, US meddling in Iran, and
Easter in perspective. And get ready for Swans tenth anniversary two
weeks from now.

As always, please form your OWN opinion, and let your friends (and foes)
know about Swans.


JFK, Detective - Hank Bunker

Italy: A Poll To End Polls - Peter Byrne

A Farmer In A Dell - Milo Clark

Ethnic Nationalism Versus Common Sense - Michael Neumann

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Jacob Amir & Gilles d'Aymery

Is The Israel Lobby Effective? - Philip Greenspan

A Helmet For Dung Collectors - Yugoslav Memories - Walter Trkla

The Age Of Olivier - Book Review by Charles Marowitz

Collateral Damage - Book Review by Martin Murie

The Refugee - Poem by Michael Doliner

I Am Potus - Poem by Michael Doliner

The Insurgent Word: Signs - Gerard Donnelly Smith

Judas Gospel: A Major Revisionary Approach To Easter?
  - George Beres

The Only Road To Scottish Socialism Is Independence
  - Joe Middleton

Blips #35 - From the Editor's desk - Gilles d'Aymery

Your Letters


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