[Marxism] How to read comments ("threads")

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 23 18:44:15 MDT 2006

>I was curious about the comments on your list - apparently on a piece
>I wrote about Mike Lerner and the religious left.  I registered for
>the list -- successfully I think- but damned if I can figure out how
>to access the comments.
>Bob Fitch

Bob, Marxmail is what is called a listserv. When you post a message to 
marxism at lists.econ.utah.edu, as you just did, all 890 subscribers get a 
copy of your email. That is how most people keep track of the discussion. 
There are other options as well. We have a digest in which something like 
every 10 messages get bundled together and sent to you in a single email. 
You can also post to the list without receiving mail, as many of our 
subscribers do. They keep track of the discussion on our "Latest 100 
messages archive" at:


Contact me offlist if you have any other questions (lnp3 at panix.com). I 
moderate the list.

Louis Proyect 

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