[Marxism] Correction from a "War Tapes" GI

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 24 07:47:43 MDT 2006

(Posted to my blog by Mike Moriarty, one of the 3 New Hampshire National 
Guardsmen who filmed "The War Tapes". He was the most "gung-ho" of the 3.)

Thank you for referring to me as a Patriot, but let me make a couple 
corrections. I was not a Harley Davidson Mechanic prior to deploying or 
even after returning home. I was in the aviation business working as an 
aircraft refinisher right up until being activated. I returned to the same 
company upon my return. I eventually had to change jobs due to numbness in 
my hands,nerve damage in my arms,a chest muscle condition and unbearable 
back pain.

I still support the mission and its intention. I also support the idea of 
getting back into "combat" mode, putting on our mean face and finishing 
this thing so we can get the hell out of that God forsaken place.

I just want the American people to be productive in seeing what it will 
take to get this mission through its course quicker and successfully. It's 
not that we shouldnt be there,its that we seem to be skipping along trying 
to be "nice" about everything.

HELLO!!!!! its a war. Bad shit happens.It just seems to happen to us more 
than it should.

Lets all put our experiences and heads together and be more productive and 
supportive so we can get the hell out.



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