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“I demand the complete and unconditional withdrawal of our troops from Iraq,
Afghanistan and the other 126 nations where we now quarter American troops. 
I demand that all who are responsible for launching the unprovoked and
illegal wars be held accountable through prosecution for war crimes and that
the US government and its allies be assessed for the damages it has wrought
and compensate both the Iraqi and Afghani people for the death and
destruction this war has inflicted upon their countries as well as the
American soldiers wounded in this conflict and the families of those who
have been killed.”

A Plan to End the War: Dump the Democrats  
by Joshua Frank
April 20, 2006

Across the country opposition to the war in Iraq is fast setting in. The
latest Bush job approval ratings are dismal, hovering around 35%, in large
part due to peoples’ wariness about the disorder and uncertainty engulfing
Iraq. Two weeks ago, 24 towns in Wisconsin passed antiwar resolutions.
According to the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC, that pushes
the total number of cities nationwide that have passed similar referendums
to 100. But as the sentiment against the war continues to mature, the most
significant question still remains unanswered: What are all of us who want
to bring our troops home now going to do to stop the war? 
Getting off our lazy haunches and protesting in the streets is one thing,
but until we are willing to voice our objections at the ballot box, nothing
in Iraq will ever change. Marching through our Main Streets with anti-Bush
placards in hand, no matter how refreshing and energizing it may seem, still
doesn’t hold all the hawks accountable for the war they have instigated. And
I am not just talking about the Republican warmongers. On the other side of
the aisle the antiwar movement is faced with its principal challenge -- the
Democratic Party. 
It’s more than a challenge. In fact antiwar allegiance to the pro-war
Democrats may well be our biggest problem. Despite the mounting opposition
across the US to the war in Iraq, not one major Democrat has endorsed an
immediate unconditional withdrawal of troops from Iraq. A few have supported
Rep. Murtha’s “strategic redeployment” plea, which would sanction air
strikes of Iraq as well as continued US military outposts throughout the
region. But not one leading Democrat wants US troops home now. And what has
the antiwar movement done to punish them? Nothing. 
The Dems’ complicity shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. The majority of
leading Democrats in the Senate voted for Bush’s war as well as all of its
boondoggle funding along the way. Sure, they may lob a few soft criticisms
at the president for his handling of the botched crusade (it wasn't
mismanaged, it was illegitimate from the very start), but now that we are
there, they say, we have to support our troops’ mission. Whatever that
mission is (or was), I haven’t a clue. It surely wasn’t about democracy,
WMDs or bin Laden. If anything, it was just a covert (overt if you ask me)
expansion of US Empire.  No Democrats will expose, let alone oppose, this
gross underlying premise of the “war on terror.” No Democrat will resist the
State sanctioned torture or killing of innocent civilians if they aren’t
punished at the polls for supporting it. 
The only way to compel the Democrats to oppose this mess they helped make is
to oppose them until they understand they are part of the problem. Not the
solution. I have no illusions the Democrats will ever come around to our
side of reality, especially if we are only sauntering around in circles on
our allotted day of dissent and not voting against those who support this
war on Election Day. 
Until this begins to happen the situation in Iraq will only get worse.

*  *  *

I'm John Murphy.  I'm running against the pro war, Pro Patriot Act, Pro
"Bush Doctrine", pro NAFTA incumbent Republican as well as the pro war, Pro
Patriot Act, Pro "Bush Doctrine", pro NAFTA Democratic challenger.  I need
your help desperately to beat these two corporate warmongers.  Please
contribute generously to my campaign but even a donation of $25 will buy me
five lawn signs -- I need 9,000 (about 3% of the voters) $30 will buy me 20
bumper stickers -- I need 30,000 (about 10% of the voters) $15,000 will
allow me to send one piece of mail to the people who voted in the last
election (as opposed to all of the registered voters in my district). I need
to send out at least 10 pieces in the last three weeks of the campaign!  If
all you spend on democracy is 10 minutes a year in a voting booth then
that's about all the democracy you're going to get.


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