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(Alarcon is explaining the process of continental integration to the
two Argentines who are interviewing him.)

What the Bolivarian Revolution stands for today, which is embodied in
the solidarity with Venezuela, that’s the main task. Venezuela is the
focal point now due to its significance for the reactivation of and
chances for a movement not only solidly rooted in society but
potentially capable of interacting with governments.

I was in the two rallies in Mar del Plata but not in the one held
inside the fences, where Chávez was. He told the American and
Canadian presidents: “If you remember, in Quebec I was all alone, 
but as you can see now I’m accompanied”. By Lula, Kirchner, Tabaré
Vázquez and the Paraguayan chancellor. It was something unthinkable
back in the 1960s. Who other than Che Guevara criticized the Alliance
for Progress? There’s also Evo’s victory in Bolivia, and the prospect
of further changes in Latin America that can’t be disregarded. Armed
struggle is not the issue today.

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Radio Havana Cuba

Venezuela Achieves Landmark 75% Debt Retirement

Caracas, April 24 (RHC)--After almost a year of buying billions of
dollars of Argentine bonds, Venezuela moves to buy back its own,
saving, according to the Ministry of Finance, $676 million in debt
repayments in 2006.

Venezuela announced in late February it would withdraw 3.9 billion
dollars in Brady bonds, which would have matured in 2020. Last week
the Ministry of Finance announced that 75 percent of the purchase had
been made. The remaining sum is expected to be bought back by the end
of May.

"The goal of this plan to reduce public debt by the freeing up of
monetary flows which will be used to increase the disposable resources
for public investment, support of private sector activity, and, even
more importantly, the possibility to expand programs of social
spending in education, health and food access," said an April 12
Finance Ministry press release.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has criticized the effects of
indebtedness in Latin America, calling it an "unchanging and
inextinguishable" because of high interest rates and an "evil burden"
that takes away from social spending.

Venez Natl Assembly President Condemns Colombian Assassination Plot

Caracas, April 24 (RHC)--Venezuela National Assembly (AN) president
Nicolas Maduro said his country intends to denounce, before
international bodies as well as at home, the plots to assassinate
President Hugo Chavez.

Maduro mentioned the legislature's priorities are to give the people
the evidence that the media did not give and follow-up on the official
request to Colombia to conduct an investigation.

He also announced setting up a special committee to probe recent
denouncements by Rafael Garcia, ex-director of Colombian security
services' computer department.

Garcia told the magazines 'Semana' and 'Cambio' that Jorge Noguera, ex
director of secret service and present consul in Milan, was involved
in the assassination plans as were other ex officials and

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has ordered Noguera's return to
Colombia to respond to the charges.

Venezuela for Food Sovereignty

Caracas, Apr 24 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela is moving on food security
for the population and its aim is to achieve sovereignty in this
sense, President Hugo Chavez stated.

On the TV and radio program "Alo, President," held Sunday in the
state of Anzoategui, the people celebrated the 3rd anniversary of
Mercal Mission, through which food is being distributed at accessible

The president recalled that Mercal and other missions emerged after
the 2002 oil and food sabotage, and it was "the revolutionary
answer," Chavez said.

There are currently 15,000 sale points including groceries,
"mercalitos" and 33 super-markets throughout the country, Food
Minister Erika Fari¤as reported.

It is expected, said Fari¤as, that 16 million people would be
benefited from this plan, which includes 28 storage plants, 12
warehouses, as well as two cold storage units.

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