Re: [Marxism] Chávez Plans to Take More Control Of Oil Away From Foreign Firms

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For the record, I really don't think there is evidence to support the
notion that continental integration is underway in Latin America.
Current economic data points to just the opposite conclusion.
Colombias's medical students to the contrary notwithstanding, Colombia's
military pushes forward againt guerrillas and indigenous peoples
throughout the Putumayo and other regions, and into the Sucumbios and
Orellana areas of Ecuador.  Uruguay has more or less pronounced Mercosur
dead, and has negotiated a separate trade deal with the US.

The emerging, and emerged, social movements certainly require such
continental integration, but as of yet, those movements' desires are not
truly manifest in the economic actions of their governments.

I do not find evidence that continental integration is sweeping the
continent, unless we're measuring it by speeches, rhetoric, and


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Thanks very much to Andrew Pollack for posting this WSJ article.

One of the best sources for information on Chavez and the Bolivarian
process now unfolding there is the recent Monthly Review book which
consists of an extended interview with Chavez by Marta Harnecker.
(It's not online at the moment, but in time hopefully it will be so
Yoshie: this is a suggestion/request...hint, hint, hint! <g>)

There's a wide ranging process of continental integration which is
currently underway in all of Latin America.

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