[Marxism] Tariq Ali on Nepal

Wayne S. Rossi felianan at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 25 08:01:39 MDT 2006

I've been following Nepal in the bourgeois and radical press ever since
the king seized power last year; it's a truly interesting sight, a real
revolution in contrast to the big staged events out in Eastern Europe
that the media has been so big on selling.  (Of course, the depth of it
is barely touched, since they stick more or less exclusively to
Kathmandu and avoid the Maoist-controlled majority of the countryside.)

Yesterday's concession from the king, which I don't think Tariq Ali's
solid piece was in time for, is being played in the press as a "king
saves own hide" sort of maneuver.  But this looks like wishful thinking
to me; if the parties are willing to play ball with the king, the
citizens of Kathmandu aren't, from even the reports from bourgeois
sources.  My impression is that a constituent assembly will pretty much
be forced to take the military from the king and may even have to
declare the country a republic; does anyone who is in a better position
to know these things have any sense of what is going to happen next?

- Wayne

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