[Marxism] "What kind of card is race?"

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Tue Apr 25 09:50:02 MDT 2006

Sloppy diction - sorry!

The percent of A-A babies dying before age 1 AS A FUNCTION or RATIO of white
babies who die before age 1 has grown steadily.

Yes, overall infant mortality has fallen for both groups.

I will be glad to find the source of the stats and send them along after work

Quoting David McDonald <dbmcdonald at comcast.net>:

> The following is not clear to me:
> The ratio of Black to white infant mortality grew by 25% 1980 to 2000.
> The percent of African American babies dying before the age of 1 year
> has grown steadily since the late 1940s, falling briefly in the late
> 1960s and early 1970s, but overall climbing from about 1.6:1 in 1948 to
> about 2.5:1 in 2001.
> You say "percent" of A-A babies deaths has grown but then you say it
> climbed, giving figures as ratios, not percentages. Did both happen, i.e.
> larger %age of A-A babies dying since 1940's AND an increased ratio of A-A
> to white deaths <age 1?
> The number of A-A deaths per 1000 before age 1 increasing steadily since the
> late 40's is news to me. Wasn't it more difficult, for example, for Black
> people to get treatment in hospitals in 1940 than it is now? How about in
> the South? How is this statistic derived?
> David McDonald
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