[Marxism] Iran pres. reverses ban on women attending soccer games

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Tue Apr 25 18:06:49 MDT 2006

Observer: Female football
>Published: April 25 2006 03:00 | Last updated: April 25 2006 03:00
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Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad has struck a surprise blow for
women's rights by reversing a ban on women's attendance at big football
matches and instructing they be given the best seats.

Rejecting the argument that the fairer sex should be shielded from male
swearing at games, Ahmadi-Nejad said "the mass presence of women and
families in public places has created a healthy, ethical and dignified

Football is the most popular sport in Iran, with interest hitting fever
pitch with the national team's qualification for this June's World Cup
in Germany.

The president, who was a fleet-footed striker in his school days,
recently joined the national squad for a training session and surprised
many with his skill on the ball.

Despite the many critics of his trenchant style in the US and Europe,
Ahmadi-Nejad has also shown a good feel for the popular pulse, and
having women at football matches looks like another neatly crafted
domestic news headline in time for the World Cup.

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