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I don't believe that Iran has a women's football team. They are not listed among the 125 teams that are ranked by FIFA (the int'l federation), and Iran is not competing in the Asian qualifiers for next year's World Cup. Needless to say, for all its complexities and contradictions, the Iranian post-1979 process is still a little bit behind on these matters.
  Women were banned from attending male sporting events in 1979; this ban was just reversed two days ago by the president. Here's a recent article from the "Washington Post" about a women's protest against this ban:
  On the subject of football, there is a very important match today in Europe, with political overtones: Barcelona (a bastion of anti-Franco resistance in the old days, and still associated somewhat with leftist politics and, for better or worse, Catalan nationalism) vs. Milano (owned by Berlusconi) in a European semi-final. Perhaps Berlusconi will be demanding another recount in a few hours!

Nestor Gorojovsky <nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar> wrote:
  Lüko Willms:

> Promts me to the question: how about women playing football in Iran?
> They, too, should be in the next women football (soccer for the US)
> world championship, just like the male team this year. 

A Google search shows that there is an important women soccer 
movement and association in Iran.

Ah, we males are lost! Sigh.


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