[Marxism] Chinese tourists visit Karl Marx's house

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> CB: I must admit that I'd like to go on an archaeology dig sometime. 
> And it
> was interesting to visit the old city of Rome when I was a high 
> school Latin
> student. However, if I was touring today, I don't think old Roman 
> and
> Christian ruins would be number one on my list of attractions or "a 
> worthy
> destination by any standard" , as R. Bernstein put it.
> :>)
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porta_Nigra> reminds of the Colesium.
> If I visited Trier, it would be to see KM's birthplace.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl-Marx-Haus

It is interesting to note that when KM's father, Heincrich,
was a young man, the city was under French rule.
That's how it was possible for a young Jew like Heinrich
to go to university and qualify for the legal profession.
Later, after the Napoleonic wars, the city came under
Prussian rule, and Heinrich, found that he had to
convert to Christianity in order to retain his license to
practice law. Heinrich, who in terms of philosophical
outlook was actually a deist in the tradition of Voltaire
and Rousseau. opted for the Lutheran church, which
in Trier was very liberal and additionally, was the
religion of the Prussian state. So this meant that
Heinrich's son, Karl, recieved a Lutheran upbringing.

> Karl Marx House
> >From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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> Karl Marx HouseThe Karl Marx House museum (German: Karl-Marx-Haus) 
> is the
> house in Trier (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) in which Karl Marx 
> was born
> in 1818; it is now a museum. The house was at first forgotten about 
> until
> 1918. Then the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) worked hard 
> to buy
> it, and was able to do so in 1928. After the NSDAP came into power 
> in 1933,
> the building was confiscated and turned into a printing house.
> On May 5, 1947 the building was opened as a museum of the life and 
> works of

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