[Marxism] Camejo on immigration, taxation, independent campaigns, and ... Aristotle?

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Wed Apr 26 22:12:04 MDT 2006

Aristotle has been dead since 322 B.C., but California Green Party  
gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo was channeling him Monday night  
when he spoke to a sizeable audience in 216 Wellman.

"Truth can only be ascertained by the conflict of ideas," Camejo said.
. . .

If a hypothetical wealthy citizen were taxed appropriately, instead  
of living off $50,000 a month, his monthly living wages would be  
$46,300, Camejo said.

"Hold back your tears, this could be really rough on people," he joked.

The Green philosopher criticized the current political system within  
the nation, calling the political institution a body that "gives the  
impression of democracy" while castigating third-party infiltration.

"We are so isolated in our knowledge," Camejo later said of the  
dominant political binary in the United States. "They even teach us  
in school that it's good we only have two [political] parties."

The Green Party is excluded by default, he said.

"When Greens run [for office], you know what they say? 'You're  
spoilers,'" Camejo said.

Camejo was in no shortage of words as he delved into subjects of  
contention among Greens, Democrats and Republicans.

"You have to get in line to ever normalize your situation," he said  
of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.)  
proposed immigration bill, which looks to establish an earned  
legalization program to reconcile border breaches.


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