[Marxism] Dozens of Latino workers forced out of jobs at NJ plant

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 27 06:40:53 MDT 2006

When you say the plant has very weak Teamster representation
I assume that means if you go to the shop steward s/he would normally
say "nothing we can do about it." (The way mine was at Pan Am.)
I say normally because we're not in normal times as far as this
upsurge goes. I would explore every possible avenue from the Local to
the International and in-between. I would check with TDU to see if
other cases have come up and if some sort of collective protest
could be filed.
Below is a message I sent to other lists yesterday: SEIU is
seeking to file an Unfair Labor Practice on behalf of anyone
victimized for walking out April 10th. It's likely the NLRB will
rule such workers are not protected (in fact an employers' fact sheet on
how to handle these situations specifically claimed political
walkouts are not concerted activity protected by the NLRB, which they
claim has to be related to improving working conditions. But
Stern could and should claim that it is related -- obviously
working conditions of immigrant workers are directly impacted 
by their status, as their firing at your plant shows, even aside
from the daily awful conditions (including NO safety protections).
Since the IBT is part of Stern's federation this may provide
another way to say to the steward et al. that they can't sit
on their hands.

I know none of this may lead to any results, but confronted with some
fighting mad workers from your plant and their friends in the community
who knows...

If you know of anyone who could help with this please contact Rhadames
Rivera at RhadamesR at 1199.org ASAP!

 To all members of the NYC Mobilization Network for Immigrants Rights

President Andy Stern wants SEIU to file (before May 1) a nation-wide ULP on
behalf of fired immigrant workers who participated in the April 10th events. 
Are you aware of any locations, names or employers?  Time is of the essence
and we hope to gather more data for the filing.
Please pass this along to anyone else you think might have more information
for us.

In order to help those workers, we need the help of every member
organization and individual to identified workers and employers in New York
State or any other State.

Could you please let us know.

In Solidarity,
Rhadames Rivera
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