[Marxism] Socialism and Football: A Personal Note

Erik Carlos Toren ectoren at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 27 13:35:10 MDT 2006


On WC2002, I supported Senegal and brought me great
joy when they defeated a European
team...unfortunately, it had to be France. I follow
France closely cuz of two its stars: Zidan and Henry.
No flaming socialists the lot, but have been active
(in their own way) against racist behavior in soccer

What I really love about football, is that there is an
actual socialist/anarchist/radical/anti-racist/red
skin head culture within the scope of soccer/football
culture across the world. Something I just don't see
that open in other US/World sports (baseball, american
football, and basketball). Nothing brings me greater
joy than reading or hearing new American
soccer-converts bemoan about the appearance of Che
banners or Red Flans in soccer events. Yes! 

por el socialismo, futbol, y el Cruz Azul,
Erik Toren 

--- i.lagardien-alumni at lse.ac.uk wrote:

> Actually, this WC I will support the African team
> that goes the longest distance, then switch to
> England (seriously), or France... ONLY because I
> know so many of the players in these teams: love
> Zidan, Gallas, Thuram, Viera, Henry, Gerrard,
> Campbell and Robinson as players.
> The ONLY reason I don't support Brazil is because
> the buggers will win it again. 
> In Spain I support Valencia, querrido!

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