[Marxism] Contradictions in Darfur protest movement

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Apr 27 21:21:02 MDT 2006

>Does anybody on the List have a good handle on where this Darfur protest 
>movement has come from and who's behind it.  This spring semester it's 
>largely displaced the anti-war movement on the college campus where I 
>teach. Irrespective of the justice of the causes, I have a strong send of 
>deja vu going back to 1970 and our suspicions about the agenda behind the 
>creation of Earth Day.

I haven't probed this too deeply but it seems like the prime movers are 
American Reform Judaism, the Christian sects that have been involved with 
missionary work in the South for some time now, and liberal groups on 
campus. You can get a feel for the sort of forces in motion around this by 
looking at the endorsers of the Genocide Intervention Network:


Frankly, I don't think that the US is capable of intervening in Sudan now 
so the whole thing seems kind of moot. Ironically, the movement seems to 
share the same problems as "anti-imperialist" interventions around 
Palestinian rights mounted by ANSWER and Troops Out Now. It doesn't really 
advance any slogan aimed at the US government. I supposed there's an 
implicit demand that the Marines be sent to Darfur but at this stage of the 
game, that seems rather utopian. 

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