[Marxism] Increased Support to May 1st Boycott

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 28 07:21:20 MDT 2006

Living and working here in Los Angeles, it's amazing to watch as
an entire people, and many oppressed peoples, link arms, joining
together to publicly affirm their humanity, their dignity, and to
cry out for simple justice as workers responsible for so much of
the work and commodity production in the United States of America.
Korean community employers are coming on board as are organizations
from among the Filipino community and others. In Washington a few
weeks ago the first leaflets for mobilizations there came out in
Chinese and Vietnamese. This is a movement with leaders, but as is
also explained here, without leaders, too.

Two indications of the broadness of this movement are the news
that the California State Senate voted yesterday to endorse the
May 1 boycott, as has one of the houses of the Mexican national
Senate. Members of the Mexican Senate have announced plans to be
here in Los Angeles for Monday's mobilization. Will they be let
in to the United States for that purpose?

Groups on the activist left are all relating to this in one or
another way. Some are participating with the organizaers in the
direct planning for the day. Others are planning to have tables
with literature. There's a debate unfolding in the Black media
about this, with sharply counterposed views being expressed as
to what attitude Blasks should take. The Nation of Islam led by
Minister Louis Farrakhan has been particularly outspoken in its
support for these protest movements. It's an amazing time to be
alive and active here in a center of this struggle.

The Cuban media is following these develpments very closely and
reporting on it regularly. I noticed that a Cuban-owned chain of
food stores in Los Angeles, Liborio, is supporting the protests.
The Cuban American National Foundation has formally taken up a
position of support to immigrants' rights. My only wish would be
that some national TV network would A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN on
the air this coming Saturday night.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

(Los Angeles, California)
April 27, 2006
Increased Support to May 1st Boycott 
A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann.
More religious, social and business organizations join 
the movement to demand a fair immigration reform 

Agustín Durán
agustin.duran at laopinion.com 
April 27, 2006

The boycott and marches scheduled for May 1st and aimed at pressing
Congress to support a comprehensive immigration reform are

Support for the boycott keeps pouring in from social and religious
organizations, companies and even big corporations in different US

Bov Charney, who owns one of the largest garment factories, recently
joined the movement which calls for no work, no school attendance and
no shopping next Monday May 1st.

 “The time has come to acknowledge the immigrant contribution to this
nation. Therefore, I don’t care how much money I lose that day,”
commented the Canadian origin businessman to an international

The idea of a national economic strike emerged before the Mega March
of last March 25th in Los Angeles, but since then it has won new
supporters and bit by bit has become a movement which seems

Nativo López, one of the most active promoters of the boycott, said
this is “a movement without leaders, because people are now aware of
their strength and the importance of their participation in a social
movement to improve their situation. And nobody can stop it now.”

Yesterday, the activist announced that one of the marches will take
place in Southern California to complement the boycott and as an
option for those who can not stop working to feel they are
contributing to the struggle.

The Hermandad Mexicana Nacional [National Mexican Brotherhood]
announced yesterday the Big March of Triumph, a preamble for the 1st
of May. This rally will take place on April 30 and will have the
support of several cities and officials from Southeast L.A.

Likewise the downtown Asociación de Comerciantes de la Calle Séptima
[Seventh Street Tradesmen Association] expressed its support to the
boycott and said its 1,800 workers and 85 businesses will not operate
on Monday.

The Central Food Market which moves at least a million dollars a day,
supplies fruit and vegetable to three thousand markets, 4,500
restaurants and 15 thousand providers who were asked not to go to the
market because it will be practically closed.

Simultaneously, the Alianza de Trabajadores Inmigrantes de la
Comunidad Coreana en Los Ángeles [LA Korean Community Immigrant
Workers Alliance] called the managerial sector in the community not
to retaliate against workers who decide not to go to work on May 1st.

A day before, the Philippine Immigrant Coalition for Justice, store
chains Liborio Market and La Curacao, American Apparel, Pollo Inka,
Marquez Brothers and Coltur had openly supported the boycott.

While a great number of people seem to be preparing for May 1st, a
study confirms steadily growing participation patterns today, just
four days before the Day without Immigrants.

A study by García Research Company showed 70% of the Latin community
supports the work, school and trade strike. The survey was among 761
Hispanics who live in cities with large immigrant populations such as
Los Ángeles, Chicago, New York and Houston.

 “The study shows that despite the different opinions among the
leaders and organizations on most effective tactics for participation
on May 1st, and the possible repercussions on their jobs, the
immigrant population has received with enthusiasm the idea of taking
part in the boycott,” commented Cristina García, director of El Pulso
Latino [Latin Pulse], a division of the research company.

At the time of publishing this note, religious organizations such as
Protestantes Latinos en Pasadena [Pasadena Latin Protestants] openly
expressed their support to the boycott.

 “This is a moment with no precedent in the history of the Hispanic
Evangelist Church in the US,” expressed Reverend Samuel Rodríguez,
President of the Conferencia de Liderazgo Hispano Cristiano Nacional
[National Christian Hispanic Leadership Conference]. “We had never
seen a mass rally of this magnitude.”

According to data from this Church, in the US there are seven million
Protestants, 88% of which are Evangelist.

Patient Transport Enterprise AZ Medical Group, based in Riverside,
announced its support and said a contingent would march on May 1st
from Riverside to LA. “Most of our employees are not Hispanic, but
are willing to support us. They know and have seen the injustices
suffered by immigrants and disagree with such policy,” expressed
Alicia Espinosa, a company representative.

National Environment

In Phoenix, Latin activists and leaders called on the immigrant
community to stay at home on May 1st.

In El Paso, Texas and New Mexico, representatives of two thousand
farm hands who work on both states warned they would boycott
employers who penalize farm hands who do not show at work on Monday.

In Mexico several organizations were preparing to boycott US
businesses in the country.

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