[Marxism] Columbia expansion

govi0006 at umn.edu govi0006 at umn.edu
Fri Apr 28 17:27:12 MDT 2006

It would also be interesting to see the class background of most of the 
students themselves. As tuition prices shoot up, I'm guessing that 
eliminates more of the students from the working and lower classes.

> The result is that the new corporate university seeks to jettison many 
> of the > traditional manifestations of higher education, such as tenure, 
> academic freedom, and shared governance, and replace them with a business 
> model of management and more adjunct faculty who are viewed as mere 
> employees.

-The proletarianization of the faculty. It would also be interesting at the 
same time to find out if there's any attempts at unionization of the 

The University of Minnesota is going through similar processes. The prices 
of tuition have increased massively in the last couple of years. In 
addition, the General College on campus, which was won in the 30's from the 
labor struggles and admits a lot of the kids from the poorer areas of the 
city, is being shut down. Also, a deal was signed with Coca-Cola giving it 
exclusive rights to sell on campus. As we know, Coke is engaged in massive 
human rights violations in Colombia. In addition, there is talk of exanding 
the University into the nearby neighborhood, which is home to a very large 
Somali and Ethiopian community, a Co-operative grocery store, a Co-op 
restaurant, and a generally nice area.

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