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Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Fri Apr 28 22:13:04 MDT 2006

 > Doubt it. Does the president really think a significant amount of people,
 > bigots or otherwise, are going to hear what he said at this conference?

   That line about singing the nat'l anthem in English was reported on all 
three of the corporate broadcast TV news shows.  When you factor in the 24/7 
TV news media and the right-wing talk shows who will undoubtedly crow about 
it, yes, Bush's message reached many millions.

   While we could debate the issue of how much Bush thought about it, given a 
politician who "naturally" tends to speak vaguely, I'd say that his strong 
statement was more likely to be a calculated one.

   Of course, YMMV. :-)

Bill Gates' wealth equals the combined wealth of the poorest 120 million 
Americans, or 45 percent of our population. "This is a failure of the 
political system to defend the people." -- Ralph Nader

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