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Man, am I ever confused.  One the one hand movement of the nation of
Latino peoples, on the other hand singing the Star Spangled
Slaveholders' Banner, but in Spanish, which is, only too appropriate
given Spain's role in the history of slavery, and the US role as the
replacement for, and heir to, the miserable legacy of the conquest.

Give me rock and roll,  merengue, son, salsa, bolero, cumbia, bluse, and
most of all give me the Internationale, take the US national anthem and
dump it, in any and all languages, in the garbage can where it belongs.

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> Joaquín says:
> >... People bring home-made signs saying "I am
> >America" and "This is America." Note that well, NOT "I am American,"
> >I'm just like you, you're mistaken to reject me as different, but
rather "I
> >AM America" meaning, I too am part of this country, accept me AS I
> >respect my rights.
> I'd like to suggest that asserting "I am America" (Soy America) or
> indeed even "I am *an* American" (Soy un Americano) could have an
> additional important meaning, in the sense where "America" means
> something other than or in addition to the *United States of*
America -
> it could mean America in the sense of La Patria Grande, the Americas,
> Nuestra America, LatinoAmerica - an assertion of pan-American
> that encompasses both continents, a rejection of exclusionary
> meanings of American citizenship, an aspiration toward a form of
> citizenship in which one does not have to choose between the U.S. and
> one's original homeland, a wake-up call to North American chauvinists
> that hey, gringo, your "America" has changed - get used to it!
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