[Marxism] Latin American Integration

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Mexico has sold oil to Caribbean countries at preferential rates for
years, Cuba has sent doctors to Latin American countries throughout  the
70s, 80s, 90s-- not generally known as periods of continental

But what of the economic directions of the countries, of Latin America
as a whole?  Has intra-continent trading displaced trading with the US?
Have the terms of trade improved?

What distinguishes this period?  Waning of US influence?  Certainly
there is resistance, but displacement and replacement are something else

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In answer to the request to define Latin American integration...

Alarcon speaks well for himself. When Venezuela sells oil to the
of the Caribbean region at preferential rates, Latin American
is taking place. When Cuba sends doctors to Honduras and Bolivia, that's
just Latin American integration going on. When the heads of state of the
major latin American nations meet at Mar del Plata, Argentina,
the summit from endorsing FTAA, that's Latin American integration which
being put into practice.

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