[Marxism] 1812 and Star-Spanged Banner[was"marxism at lists.econ.utah.edu"]

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Apr 29 16:48:10 MDT 2006

Well, the bourgeois revolution was a process that often involved a "clash of
capitalisms."  Of course, there are those who might see the American
Revolution in this way, and probably greater reasons for doing so than for
the Second War for Independence.  Certainly, the leadership of the original
War for Independence even accepted Indian extermination as an acceptable
means of western expansion.  Indeed, at that time, ALL of the governments
involved in the Continental cause were run by slaveholders, while half had
ended slavery by the second wave of British invasions.  

But, in the end, everything you're willing to consign to the garbage heap
was built by the working class or created owing to the labors of the people.
I applaud it if the movement has some use for these things.  

I certainly wouldn't worry about their getting bourgeois cooties from them
or something.... 


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