[Marxism] "The Democrats -- their job is to get you to accept the Republican platform"

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Sat Apr 29 18:04:13 MDT 2006

Camejo offers alternate vision

By LARRY MITCHELL - Staff Writer
Chico Enterprise-Record

To listen to Peter Camejo is to step through the looking-glass into a  
reality different from that described by most politicians.
In the world of Camejo, the Green Party candidate for governor, the  
state government hasn't been spending too much, illegal immigration  
is not a problem, and Democrats and Republicans aren't arch-enemies.

California is beset by huge problems, but easy solutions are right at  
hand, if only politicians would embrace them, Camejo said in a speech  
Tuesday at Chico State University.

His answers: tax the richest Californians, adopt a single-payer  
health care system and open the throttle on developing solar and  
other forms of alternate energy.

Gov. Schwarzenegger and Republican legislators claim the state got  
into a fiscal mess by overspending year after year.
Nonsense, Camejo claimed. From 1980 to 1990, California's spending,  
adjusted for inflation, didn't increase at all. And from 1990 to  
2003, it rose by 1 percent per year, he said.

What's caused the state's money problems is that over the last 20  
years, taxes on corporations have dropped 40 percent, he said.  
"Everything is being done to benefit the richest people."

He claimed corporations in California are amassing great wealth while  
dodging taxes. Many Californians go without the necessities of life,  
he said.
As governor, Camejo said he would change the tax structure so that  
the richest 5 percent pay the same rate the poorest 20 percent pay  
Through that change and others, such as making corporations pay taxes  
they now evade, the state could have plenty of money to adequately  
fund education, health care and affordable housing, he said.

The current debate over immigration is based on widespread ignorance,  
he said. For one thing, it needs to be recognized that California was  
stolen from Mexico. For another, the economy of the United States  
depends on the 11 million immigrants who are here illegally -- if  
they were deported, the economy would go into a serious decline.

  Camejo described Democrats and Republicans as two faces of the same  
coin. "The worst is the Democrats," he said. "The Republicans are  
just wrong. They say what they believe. The Democrats -- their job is  
to get you to accept the Republican platform."

"That's why we need a third party," he said. Most registered  
Democrats hold the values of the Green Party, and they aren't  
represented by the Democratic leadership, he added.


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