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El 29 Apr 2006 a las 15:42, Nestor Gorojovsky <marxism at lists.econ.utah.edu> scripsit:

> In Spanish, a man with a large "genital package" is "bien dotado" 
> (well endowed), and "a/the dowry" is "una/la dote". Both the verb 
> "dotar" and the noun "dote" equate in English with "to endow" and 
> "endowment".  You can also speak of the "dotación" (endowment) as the 
> crew of a military unit, a fire squad, a police station, etc.  Though 
> it is not usual at all, everyone would understand that by a 
> "dotación" (or "dowry") of M$ N you are talking of the assets of some 
> institution.
> What mysterious relations between language and Id would a Lacanian 
> extract from these "transcultural" observation?

Well, of course the words "equate" with one another; have the same 
Latin forbear, DOTARE, which makes 'em kissin'-cousin cognates--n'est-
ce pas?

For my part, in the lingo of genitometry, I've always been partial to 
the Platensian variants, BOLUDO or PELOTUDO, whose manifold nuances 
offer a remarkable versatility of use that's either not nearly as 
evident in, or even absent from, expressions of the concept in other 

I mean, for instance, that the Yiddish CHUTZPAH/BATSIM or the English 
BALLS have a notably more restricted range of acceptation than the 

I'm at a loss to account for this semantic glitch, due mainly to never 
having paid it much nevermind, if any, before Néstor brought it to my 

Tho' I don't know him, he strikes me as an exceptionally talented ciber-
pibe, requete bien dotado to explain why the Romance tongue seems so 
fluent and flexible, and its Germanic coevals so reticent and rigid, in 
their respective ways of expressing genitometric terms.

I look forward to being informed and illuminated by his reply.


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