[Marxism] About these football posts

Midhurst14 at aol.com Midhurst14 at aol.com
Sun Apr 30 06:12:33 MDT 2006

The fact that football crowds or radicals in them use the occasion to  
propagandise their cause, does not cancel reaction using such diversions to  
maintain their system. It was all done in Roman times. And what a destructive  
manouvre it was to protect the system of slavery. That was only attempted by  
The media, such diversions and finally the armed forces of the state are  all 
there to protect Capitalism. 
Along with football, Christian and Islamic fundamentalism are the current  
equivalent of the Ronman games. After the failure of the Wallace forces in the  
US and Nasser and Mousadeq in the middle east the masses have turned to 
reaction  as they did in Germany in the 20s and 30s in spite of a Communist Party 6  
million strong. The ruling class were desperate enough to hand power to the  
Nazi's. If it had not Europe would have a completely different system now,  ie 
Socialism and no WW2 either 
The latest example is in Nepal where the mass struggle has forced the  
Gyendra forces to retreat 
George Anthony 
"A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a  struggle to the death 
between the future and the past."-Fidel  Castro 
"There is no revolution without violence.Those who don't  accept violence can 
cross out the word revolution from their  dictionary."-Malcolm X 
"Violence is the universal objective law of all thorough  national liberation 
revolutions."-General Vo Nguyen  Giap 
"Without a Peoples Army the people have nothing" -Mao  Tse-Tung

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