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Sun Apr 30 07:40:33 MDT 2006

My first reaction to this is "You are all a bunch of idiots". OK, so, an
over-reaction then. The implication of the debate is that there is someting
intrinsic about "sport" that is some sort of plot or consipiracy by the bosses
to atomize the class and prevent revolution. That's what I infer from this

What one dreams up about sports in this way can be applied to any cultural event
under capitalism. Music, radical sounding Blues and Jazz and Rock, even,
ultimatly are a reaction to capitalism, shaped by it, and commericialized
because of it. Is it a 'destraction'? Do the capitalists make money at it?
Lot's of money. So is every cultural development. But is is *designed* that
way? Not by a long shot. Capitalist ideology has an amazing ability to draw
into it everything 'proletarian' in order to make a buck and use it for it's
own ends politically. Leftists then act like these cultural activities are
tools by the capitalists to *designed* undermine the masses. Uh-huh.

The US football debate around this has been going on for 30 years. Lately, it's
been NASCAR racing with it's overwhelmingly white, working class, Confederate
flag waving enthusiasts. There will be others no doubt, in the future. I think
there is this tendency to allow the capitalists to assign righwing-political
correctness to these events by some leftists, thus giving the imprimatur of
'reactionary' to the events themselves. You let the right define what is 'good'
and 'bad', instead of taking back or participating in events such as these. I
think this is huge error by those that allow  the right to define for us their
cultural 'do's' and 'don'ts'....and ultimately it's PC gone crazy mad,
isolating the leftist activists from the broader layers of society that do find
an interest in sporting events, or whatever it is, under the capitalist society
we are forced to live in.


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