[Marxism] Latin American Integration

David McDonald dbmcdonald at comcast.net
Sun Apr 30 08:25:28 MDT 2006

> The announcements are fine sentiments, but the results, the realization
> these intentions will require a bit more than pronouncements.

> Dr. No

David McDonald comments:

That's why it's so cool that they have state power down there, my dear
Doctor. They can do stuff. Cuba's medical establishment, for instance, is
probably the best situated overall in the world to do exactly what the
protocols say, pursue the study and recovery of ancestral knowledge in the
field of natural medicine.

Seems to me that the Cubans have been patiently building up their medical
industry, including particularly the pharmaceutical research side, for just
such a day as this when that knowledge could be put to use by hundreds of
millions of people in numerous countries with the will but not the
immediately available internal resources to deliver services to their
people. Cuba has turned itself into a knowledge trust for the awakening
peoples of the world, with its attention zeroed in on the same fundamental
that meant so much to its own revoultion: health. Here's the catch: when it
comes from the Cubans, it's always free.

Dr. No is a hard man to impress. I would like to thank Walter for bringing
to the list's attention that Cuba and Venezuela have just guaranteed, among
many other things, to buy all the hydrocarbons Bolivia might need to sell
them should Bolivia find itself squeezed by The Empire. I think of this as
Extending the Umbrella of Revolutionary Impunity, making it easier for even
little, poor, disadvantaged and pillaged countries like Bolivia to defy the
US and chart their own course. Who could be against such an obviously good
thing? Why, Dr. No, that who.

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