[Marxism] On the 1812 war

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 30 09:17:43 MDT 2006

Nestor wrote:
>I understand that today's cdes. don't see these events, which are
>embedded in the history of the (bourgeois) USofA, but without these
>events, which were the direct result of "Mr. Madison's War" there
>would have been no Second USAmerican Revolution in the 1860s, and
>most probably there would not exist a unified country "from sea to
>sea" between the 30th and 50th paralells in the Northern tier of the
>American continent.

Who knows. The world would probably be better off if the Crown had 
suppressed the revolt of 1776. Compared to the USA, Canada looks positively 

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