[Marxism] On the 1812 war [and Nuestro Himno]

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This is slander again.  Bush wears as white shirt.  Bush is a fascist.
SA wears a white shirt, ergo SA is a fascist.

Bush doesn't thing immigrants should be allowed to sing the national
anthem in Spanish, Bush arrests immigrants.

SA thinks singing the national anthem in Spanish doesn't mean jack shit;
is a waste of time;  SA does NOT arrest immigrants.  SA has argued for
no funding for Homeland Security/INS; for no support to policing
borders; to actions against any and all employers cooperating with INS.

To say that I would agree with anyone using the terms 'dirty spics' is
deserving only of a gob of spit smack between the eyes.

Time for the moderator to issue a warning, I would think. To Bustelo I
would think.

Right, it's not mine, or my father's national anthem..  Guess what?
Doesn't manner.  Guess what else?  Try this.. try Clinton's, George not
Bill's, "One Nation Under A Groove,"  now that's an anthem I really get
down with.

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