[Marxism] Corporations After the Net

Myles Sullivan mylessullivan81 at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 30 23:27:44 MDT 2006

Saw this on Kevin Dioran's blog:http://kevindoran.blogspot.com

The corporations want to do the net the way they did TV and radio.  So much 
for national resources.

Control and Regulation of the Internet
Save the Internet:

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment 
-- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, 
Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based 
on what site pays them the most. ... Net Neutrality allows everyone to 
compete on a level playing field and is the reason that the Internet is a 
force for economic innovation, civic participation and free speech. If the 
public doesn't speak up now, Congress will cave to a multi-million dollar 
lobbying campaign by telephone and cable companies that want to decide what 
you do, where you go, and what you watch online.

It's a saddening thought that some suit fucks are trying to turn the 
Internet into a reflection of our society, where the economic elite minority 
hold every card in the deck bar one -- the Joker. One of the Internet's 
greatest appeals is that foaming-at-the-mouth, money-thirsty wolves haven't 
gotten their greedy paws on it as much as they'd like to -- to strangle our 
freedom and squeeze every penny from us -- but they're trying, and 
government/multi-national company control and regulation of the Internet is 
something we can't allow to happen. They will increase connection fees -- 
hell, they'll do whatever they want once they have control (a bit like a 
government). Another article mentioned the possibility of cyber toll booths 
and fees for sending e-mails -- it'll be just like driving into Dublin (or 
any other city with a toll booth) or making a telephone call; also: 'track 
and store information on our every move in cyberspace in a vast 
data-collection and marketing system, the scope of which could rival the 
National Security Agency.'

Ron Silliman's blog:
This weekend, it would be a good idea to check out the plot to carve the 
internet up and turn it over to the major telcos. Save the Internet is 
coordinating efforts to sustain network neutrality. Let your member of the 
House of Representatives know that this is not a backwater issue. The 
so-called Communications Opportunity Enhancement Act (COPE), authored by 
Texas Republican Joe Barton, represents little more than the theft of a 
natural resource. Imagine an internet that not only costs a lot more to 
access, but on which you could never criticize AT&T or Verizon.
And, above all, i don't want the Internet controlled by America. Do as Ron 
suggests; if you don't live in America, then post a blog, or tell a friend 

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