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>  For instance, 
> an anti-capitalist  woman who wears the hijab voluntarily as
> an expression of religious faith (or maybe as a sign of resistance to
> capitalism and commodification, additionally) deserves our support and
> solidarity. But a woman who, say, coerces other women to wear the
> hijab, should not be supported. (I admit that the distinction may
> often be difficult to draw in practice, of course, because there isn't
> a clearly marked boundary between coercion and non-coercion).

  The distinction is clearly made when one opposes the anti-hijab laws 
enacted in several imperialist countries like France and Germany not on 
the basis of defending the "right of religions", but on the basis of the 
rejection of any politically or religiously imposed dress code, 
defending the right of the _individual_ to decide herself how much of 
her body she is willing to hide or disclose. 

   "Should the length of a skirt be regulated by the state? Should women 
be forced to wear mini skirts", etc. "It is up to the woman to decide 

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