[Marxism] Finally, a Marxist Analysis of the Lebanon Slaughter

Steve Masterson steve4masterson at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 1 06:46:09 MDT 2006

  Hi comrades,
  Last week there was a thread of almost 50 contributions from
  a large number of different comrades, 'Marxist analysis of the
  UK/Israel offensive', and I read them all. I am sorry to say that
  in my opinion, not one of them was in fact Marxist. I have put
  the url (above) to an article, 'Lebanon, Syria, Iran and the 
  Coming Imperialist Re-Division of the World',  that is
  by far the best Marxist analysis to date, although even this is below 
  the quality of thinking that a Marx, Engels, Lenin or a Trotsky 
  would contribute if they were around today.
  A Marxist analysis of such an important event as is occurring 
  in Lebanon now would begin with a serious analysis of the key 
  economic and political relations and trends in the world before
  WMD began hitting Lebanon’s people, looking at what is 
  gong on, rather than imposing old formulas from very different
  times upon the reality of today. A Marxist analysis would put
  events today in a historical perspective drawing out the most 
  essential and the secondary contradictions at work. From that 
  reality, the dialectical laws of historical materialism, would be
  extracted. Each part of the whole would be investigated and 
  then in a living manner the whole would be reconstructed – as 
  ‘everything is connected to everything else’. A Marxist analysis
  would point to various future trends and possibilities and provide
  suggestions as to how the workers and socialist movement
  should respond.
  So many comrades and groups have talked about this war being
  about Israeli security, when in fact it is far, far more than that, 
  indeed the US may well have put Israeli security in its most
  dangerous situation ever.
  Louis Proyect started a line that the US-Israeli-UK “behaviour
  has an element of the irrantional that you find in Hitler’s 
  adventures”. He was supported by Paul Dillon, DCQ, JD, 
  Gillies and others in this ‘irrational’ labelling. But you are
  irrational Louis + co. From the US imperialist point of view
  the viciousness of the bombing is not only very rational, it
  is very well thought out and planned for over months if not
  three years ago. Further, Marxists would look carefully at the 
  immediate juncture, trying to discover what has set off events.
  And Marxists would be able to point out that this war is set to
  go on and on, as a serious imperialist re-division of the world
  opens up. Marxists should never look merely at the surface
  appearance of things, but learn to look to those underlying
  essential aspects and contradictions at work in both the base
  and superstrucure. 
  Now, there are many comrades on Marxism list who would agree
  with all the general things I have just said about Marxist analysis
  (and that is not comprehensive by any means) that I have just
  described – but you have to explain why none of you have really
  attempted a Marxist analysis.
  Some on the list have made some useful comments, Brian Shannon
  stated ‘there is now a shift to permanent war’, Mike Friedman asked
  a question about any economic reasons for this war, that it centres
  around oil, and he correctly warned of the dangers of vulgar-economism,
  but they stop there. Comrades, please take matters more seriously
  from now on – the world is dramtically changing before your eyes.
  Steve Masterson

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