[Marxism] Secular Chauvinism (was How to answer these questions?)

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Tue Aug 1 07:21:39 MDT 2006

> My claim is, instead, that there exists secular chauvinism, a common
> vice among Western leftists, which makes them assume that secular
> nationalism and secular socialism of any variety is better than Islam
> of any variety in any respect.  That assumption is contradicted by
> historical evidence, when it comes to treatment of ethnic and
> religious minorities, for instance.

On the whole, the more advanced a society, the more secular its character. 
Ancient, malevolent superstitions like Islam (and to some extent the 
"western" religions) are the response of people afraid of the future.  I 
mean, how can one respect a civilization that sends its members by the 
hundreds of thousands to the roof-tops to shout "God is Great!"?   And, I 
would think that (again, on the whole) it was people like the Communists who 
were most conscientious of the rights of minorities.

Louis G

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