[Marxism] Fidel

Maggie kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Tue Aug 1 09:38:17 MDT 2006

> What I would have liked to read is that the decision had been taken
> collectively by the Cuban leadership. It may have. However, the
> announcement came out as, or looked like a personal decision.


Just imagine for a moment that Raul or someone else came out, with or
without Fidel, to announce a "temporary transition" of power.  Would it not
have looked like a coup?  Would it not have set the people to wondering what
had happened?

To characterize the announcement as ego driven ("me...me....me") is
completely wrong.   At all times, he has devoted his life, working
relentlessly (16 hours a day) for the people, for the revolution.  What may
be perceived as a "big ego" is merely evidence of a larger than life
character, as anyone who has been in his presence will attest.

That said, I am very troubled.  The news this morning contained the

On Monday, before Castro's illness was announced, President Bush was in
Miami and spoke of the island's future.

"If Fidel Castro were to move on because of natural causes, we've got a plan
in place to help the people of Cuba understand there's a better way than the
system in which they've been living under," he told WAQI-AM Radio Mambi, a
Spanish-language radio station. "No one knows when Fidel Castro will move
on. In my judgment, that's the work of the Almighty."

With Havana's streets calm, an electronic news ticker at the U.S. diplomatic
mission provided the only clue that something dramatic had occurred inside
Cuba's government: "All Cubans, including those under the dictatorship, can
count on our help and support. We respect the wishes of all Cubans."

It's a miracle he's survived so far.  We'll see if the vultures will finally
have their day.


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