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Gilles d'Aymery aymery at ix.netcom.com
Tue Aug 1 14:31:00 MDT 2006

(Swans - July 31, 2006)  AMERICAN INGENUITY AT ITS BEST: The Israeli 
state, under instruction of its enablers, launched another sadistic 
rape of a defenseless neighbor that almost rivals US lovemaking in 
Iraq. The local master got the green light from the top boss to do as 
it so pleases with the local virgins. Spread the legs as wide as it 
may and bang in, bang out, bump in, bump out, tear in, tear out, 
boom, boom, ha, ha, boom, boom, ha, ha. Such a great time. Boom, 
boom, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.... Let Eros loose in a 
demonstration of pornographic fireworks. There's money to be made on 
both sides, courtesy of US taxpayers. On the one hand, we supply the 
penises in various sizes and shapes, and re-supply even bigger 
paraphernalia, so that the Lebanese cunts can be more thoroughly 
penetrated and distended. On the other hand, we dispatch -- snail-
like, mind you -- Vaseline and cortisone to the patient. The Vaseline 
will make the rape less painful; the cortisone will take care of the 
burning flesh. Either way, we win. Gore Vidal remarked in an 
interview by David Barsamian (The Progressive, August 2006) that "We 
[Americans] want to make money, which I always thought was one of the 
most admirable things about Americans." (Making money...one of the 
most admirable things...thanks Gore!)

SO, WE WIN BOTH WAYS: Supply the Israeli destroying machine of war 
with more engines of destruction and deliver meager food and medical 
relief to the Lebanese. Keeps the economy humming and the profits 
soaring. Humanitarian Israelis will open corridors for the delivery 
of life-saving supplies that they conspicuously destroy time and 
again. Eh, there is money in this whorehouse. Let the fun perdure. 
Let's milk the cow dry. Remember, it's all about morality and, of 
course, morality is on our sides (U.S., Israel). You would not have 
the "animals" carry the day, would you? It would not be good for 

"ANIMALS," SAY I? Animals they are according to Israeli Ambassador to 
the United Nations Dan Gillerman -- "ruthless indiscriminate 
animals," said the subtle diplomat in reference to Hezbollah. Omer 
Caspi, the Deputy Consul General in San Francisco, referred to Hamas 
and Hezbollah as a "cancer" that has to be removed off the "body and 
soul" of the Palestinians and Lebanese. Tender, pretty Israeli young 
girls -- 8- to 12-year-olds -- with immaculately painted nails shown 
signing artillery rounds to be launched against Lebanese... "From 
Israel and Daniele," one can read on one of the pictures taken by the 
AP photographer Sebastian Scheiner. Boom, boom, ha, ha. Boom, boom, 
ha, ha.

AND, PLEASE, once you've seen these two AP pictures, scroll down to 
get a pictorial experience -- and bless your luck of the draw that 
allows you to avoid a live experience of that horror -- of the 
results that the smiling Israeli children signed onto. Scroll down, 
scroll down, all the way down. See Israeli empathy and compassion for 
fellow human beings.

CITATION FOR THE AGES: "Thanks to the children of Israel for this 
nice gift. Thanks to the world that does nothing."
-- The children of Lebanon and Palestine

PROBLEM IS, they are not fellow human beings. They are "animals," 
they are "Arabs" and "terrorists" who only understand force and 
submission to a greater force, the master force. Beyond abhorrence 
and contempt I feel an immense sadness because somewhere deep in me 
(a child of abuse) I can sense how the Israeli people, in large 
measure, are pathologically sick. It's a psychological illness that 
they cannot come to terms with -- cannot even diagnose. It's not 
precision-guided killing machines Americans should send to Israel, 
it's an army of psychiatrists (though, to be fair, Americans are more 
in need of psychiatric treatment than their Middle East friends and 

Full: http://www.swans.com/library/art12/desk038.html

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