[Marxism] Gone With the Wind

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Tue Aug 1 15:04:30 MDT 2006

Carrol C.


Not so with _Birth of a Nation_. That movie works its racist magic
_only_ on an audience that is already overtly and self-consciously
racist -- as was Woodrow Wilson, who showed the movie in the White House
in the same spirit as the late Pope showed Gibson's slime in the

But for an audience that is _at all_ consciously anti-racist, BofaN can
deepen understanding of the role of racism in u.s. history. In other
words, in the right context, the right audience, and the right critical
guidance Birth of a Nation is one of the most powerful and effective
ANTI-racist films ever made.

CB: This sounds like a dialectic.

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