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Tue Aug 1 20:41:54 MDT 2006

"The frenzy of the media and their prominent coverage of what
looks clearly like maybe a couple of hundred people at most in
Miami celebrating what they hope is the end of Fidel and the
revolution reminds me of the famous quote by Mark Twain -
"reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

It was a lot more than "a couple of hundred", in the thousands, basically mass
self-delusion with equal emphsis on 'mass' and 'delusion'. Telemundo news feeds
are showing a lot more than what we see on English TV.

I have inlaws living in Hialeah, FL (they are Nicaraguan), in the middle of the
Cuba community there. We are traveling to south Florida this weekend, so we
called them. There are thousands out in the streets in this town alone,
according my wifes uncle. It's a very large, hard-core, gusano element there,
people should just understand that. In the late 1980s we would *often* see on
cars there "Honorary Nicaraguan Freedom Fighter" next to their "Re-elect
Ronnie" bumber stickers. It's a political blight on the area.


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