[Marxism] Alberto N. Jones: "Ashamed of being Cuban-American"

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 2 07:19:06 MDT 2006

Alberto N. Jones
August 1, 2006

Since my arrival in the United States in the summer of 1980, the
question most frequently posed to me has been, how is it possible,
that the wealthy Cuban-American community in south Florida that has
been supported financially, militarily and politically by 10 US
administrations, have been incapable of overthrowing the government
of Cuba?

The answer is clear and simple: Cuban-Americans lack a realistic
political vision, their leadership is ego-driven/opportunistic and
their philosophy is devoid of basic morals and social principles.

The world got its first glimpse into the entrails of these monsters,
when politicians, family members, educators, artists, pediatricians,
attorneys, therapists, nurses and clergy; white, black, mixed race,
rich, poor and handicap, all of whom supposedly had escaped from the
horrors of communist Cuba, were willing in broad daylight, to
forcefully retain 6 year old, shipwreck Elian Gonzalez from his
father and grandparents living in Cuba.

This barbaric abuse that was inflicted on this young child with
absolute impunity, although he had already experienced the horrendous
drowning death of his mother and nine others, no one was charged with
child abuse, rather, some became celebrities on national TV, Mayor,
Congressman, Senator or business owners.

So why are we surprised to see these specimens dancing, chanting,
parading down Calle 8 in Miami, clamouring for Fidel Castro's

At times like these, I cannot avoid contrasting this repugnant
behavior with November of 1963, when the Cuban government announced
that President John F. Kennedy had been gunned down in Texas, they
denounced this crime and expressed their condolences to his family,
notwithstanding that less than two years earlier, he had launched the
mercenary invasion of the Bay of Pigs.

As long as the US-CUBA policy continue to be driven by emotion and
written by decrepit and vengeful individuals in south Florida who
have no families in Cuba and have not been there in half a century,
we are bound to commit more stupid mistakes, be involved in
embarrassing behaviors or concoct another military fiasco to that

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