[Marxism] Response from CU Chancellor's Office re Churchill Witch Hunt

Debordagoria phantasmagorias at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 2 14:45:31 MDT 2006

Dear Michael:
   A reading of the investigative findings makes it
clear that Ward Churchill is guilty of gross academic
fraud. If you read the report, I'm sure you, as an
academician, would be as appalled as our faculty is
over Churchill's scholastic misconduct. It's true that
formal complaints about his misconduct were not
submitted to the University until his 9/11 essays
surfaced. But once the University receives a formal
complaint, it has no choice but to investigative it.
Not one formal complaint was filed against Churchill
in previous years.
Please note that the Churchill case is not about
academic freedom. It's about academic fraud, and major
fraud at that. His falsifications and dishonesty had
to be dealt with.
                                  Barrie Hartman

I, like so many others in the academic community in
the US, am deeply offended and troubled by the
impending termination of Ward Churchill . Surely no
one but the very naive or the very opportunistic
believes this firing is a matter of footnoting and
scholarship. It is political railroading of the most
McCarthyist variety, and if it succeeds it will live
on in a similar infamy.

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