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Hi David

I suppose I am part of the "crowd" you refer to.  I know your sadness and bitterness is making you refer to us in this derogatory way.  But all that aside I think your approach is if I may so quite undialectical. Let's assume the Israelis achieve complete victory in Lebanon.  Let's also assume you are correct and they then are able to turn to the Gaza and as you put it "destroy its inhabitants".

That would be a victory without a single moral element. It would provide generations of hatred.  It would be the rallying point for millions of Arabs.  Out of the ashes of that defeat would emerge a terrible revenge.

Since 1948 the Israelis have been killing Arabs.  All this war ensures is that they will have to go on doing that right through this century.

They have already emerged from this conflict as one of the most brutal military powers in history.  But they need to keep saying to themselves that they are the most moral army in the world.  Even on Fox News and CNN there have been moments when the absolute falsity of that has peeped thru.

This war was thought out in terms of a brual racist imperialism - one that despises Arabs.  Instead of a waltz thru to Beirut, they have had to use the military, their tanks, their artillery and the planes and their ships against a few thousand guerrillas.  Arabs everywhere are burning with pride because of this.  What you forget if I may say so is that Israel must always succeed in humiliating the Arabs and proving that only the grovellers such as the Abdullahs and Mubarak hold the solution.  

Israel has not succeeded in doing that.

Yesterday 2000 students from Cairo University braved a brutal state apparatus to protest atgainst Israel's inhumanity.  Inside that demo lies the seeds of the destruction of the Middle East that America has created. 

Incidentally: why is it that the only dialecticains in America are coming out of the neo-cons???



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>Israel's assault against the people of Lebanon continues * unabated * . Ten
>thousand troops have now crossed the border and raids have taken place as far
>away as the Bekka Valley. Opposition by Hezbollah is very intense, and Israel
>has taken more causalities, although still in the single digits, nothing to
>give the IDF pause, as of yet. There is no retreat, yet, of the IDF back to
>Israel. The occupation of southern Lebanon, up to and across the Latani river
>seems inevitable, with the IDF anticipating a NATO and/or UN force to take it's
>The "Israel is losing" crowd on this list, and, among pundits in the western
>media (like the WSJ article posted by Walter) I still believe have not proven
>their point. It is better to discuss the goals of the Zionist assault, and how
>these "goals" have changed.
>The initial goal, as every one agrees, from the perspective of Israel and it's
>lone sponsor, was to destroy the military capability of the Hezbollah military.
>They screwed up not realizing that the Hezbollah are a serious match for the IDF
>on the ground. So, the goal failed and there is some political fall out for
>this, but the idea of gelding the Hezbollah to a significant degree is
>certainly possible.
>We have no idea of how bad Hezbollah has suffered. They don't announce
>casualties. Bombing of villages and infrastructure continues * unabated * . The
>Hezbollah seems incapable of defending themselves or the people of Lebanon from
>these devastating air assaults. There seems to be no indication that the
>Hezbollah have used or even can use the Katusha arsenal they possess in any
>tactical military way (even though they were designed to be used as such).
>Supplies from Syria to Lebanon has been effected, and, Syria itself has come
>under intense Western pressure to stop helping Hezbollah.
>If Israel can get any international force between it and the Hezbollah, they
>will have achieved a victory. They, they can concentrate on destroying what's
>left of Gaza and it's inhabitants.
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