[Marxism] re: Israel is losing the war (Wall Street Journal)

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Wed Aug 2 18:19:16 MDT 2006

On Wed, 02 Aug 2006 19:40:09 -0400, Fred Feldman wrote:

> Now Israel has opted for massive escalation, and for a possible
> long-term occupation. The media, as always, is reporting initial
> successes including capture of some Hezbollah leaders.  

  It may be that they now try to establish a death zone along the 
Israeli-Lebanes border without any human inhabitants. 

   On BBC or CNN, I saw Olmert tonight (i.e. on Wednesday) boasting 
among other things that they have "completely displaced the population, 
the powerbase of Hizb-Allah". They had thrown those leaflets to the 
population, calling them to flee if they did not want to get killed, and 
made this 48 hours pause in the airial bombing to allow even more people 
to flee from the southern part of Lebanon. 

   Then there was a report of a BBC journalist who traveled with a 
Israeli incursion force into Lebanon, showing footage of how the 
Israelis attacked a village, and the last part of the report was 
introduced with words like "after the tanks have done their work, the 
time begins for the bulldozers" and one could see one of these giant 
blinded bulldozers levelling some rubble. Maybe it was only clearing the 
way for the tanks. 

   But it may well be the intention of the Israelis (OK, in reality 
first the USA) to make the south of Lebanon up to the Litani river 
completely inhabitable. An undertaking which will not really contribute 
to the stabilization of Lebanon... 

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