[Marxism] How to answer these questions?

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 2 22:37:15 MDT 2006

Yoshie writes, "The test that we can actually apply would be to see if
individuals and organizations make relevant distinctions, between Zionism
and Judaism, Israelis and Jews, etc. or refuse to do so and hold all Jews
responsible for actions of the Tel Aviv-Washington axis."

Do the Zionist colonial-settler occupiers of Palestine do this? Doesn't the
genocidal Zionist entity proclaim itself the representative of Jews and
Judaism? The creation of Jews and Judaism? The Supreme Expression of Jews
and Judaism? Don't they raise billions for the "Jewish" state?  Isn't the
justification for the support of the Zionist entity a "debt" that the
"world" supposedly owes the *Jews*?

It seems to me it is a little late --and entirely unjust-- to criticize the
PALESTINIANS for failing to distinguish between Zionism and Judaism. 

We're supposed to, from the United States, criticize Palestinian and Arab
leaders and groups for doing no more than simply accepting what the
terrorist Zionist occupiers say about themselves?

And if some Palestinians say the solution to this problem is to drive the
Jews in Palestine into the sea, in so many big words, I, at least, don't
really have a problem with it. It's the Palestinian's country. And I can
well understand their not wanting to share it with the Zionist colonial
settler population after the experiences of the last 60 years. 

It would be an illustration of "Those who take up the sword perish by the
sword," as some Jew is reported to have once said, in other words, what
Malcolm X said about the Kennedy assassination: "chickens coming home to

The imperialist colonial-settler *population* of the Zionist entity have
EARNED the hatred of the Palestinians and other Arabs. If some Israeli
"Jews" would like fine distinctions made between ethnicity, religion and so
on, on the one hand, and the terrorist racist genocidal Zionist
colonial-settler project on the other, well, the best way to say something
is to do it. 

I eagerly await news of Israeli Jewish John Browns, martyrs who died trying
to destroy the Zionist entity. In the meantime, I have no quarrel whatever
with the Palestinians or other Arabs expressing their righteous hatred for
the colonial settler state and the Zionist colonial settler population in
whatever ways they choose.


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