[Marxism] The Qana Conspiracy - the Arabs did it!

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What is it about these professional imperialist liars with dead bodies and
refrigerator trucks?!  The last time  I heard about bodies in refrigerator
trucks, it was when they were explaining why they couldn't find the dead
bodies of the 50,000 Kosovars who had supposedly been murdered by the Serbs.
Their creative explanation was that the Serbs had put the bodies in
refrigerator trucks and then sunk the trucks to the bottom of deep lakes!
That explained why you couldn't find the bodies, and it also explained why
you couldn't find the TRUCKS!*

The next "logical" link in the conspiracy theory is for someone to claim
that the bodies of the ethnic Albanians were actually stored in the
refrigerator trucks for 8 years and are now the very same bodies which are
mysteriously turning up in Lebanon after precise self-defense strikes by the
Israelis!  Of course this would require a bloc between Serbian nationalists
and Hezbollah, which naïve people will think is a bit odd, but the "axis of
terror" already includes Iran and Saddam Hussein and Osama, who are just as
unlikely co-conspirators, so why not throw in the Serbs?  You can't
underestimate these bad guys. 

The Yugoslavia War has been on my mind recently, because it has struck me
that all the "genocidal" things that Milosevic was actually ACCUSED (without
evidence, as it turned out) of doing - intentional massacres of civilians,
driving people from their homes by the hundreds of thousands, etc. - have
been actually equalled or surpassed by the US and the Israelis in Lebanon
and Gaza.  Laying out a point-by-point comparison would be an interesting
exercise.  So when can we expect Olmert and Bush to be kidnapped and hustled
off to the Hague?  Sadly, this is as far-fetched a scenario as anything with
refrigerator trucks in it.


*Probably Saddam's bioweapon lab trucks are down there too.

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Really disgusting. Reminds me of all that 9/11 conspiracy crap on the net.
But there is an important difference. No one 'respectable' takes the 9/11
conspiracy websites serious, but the Qana conspiracy is starting to make it
to the 'quality' European press. In today's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
there is an article which is more or less a copy of yesterday's Jerusalem
Post article:


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