[Marxism] Many Hezbollah activists are from leftist groups ???

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 3 08:01:09 MDT 2006

>The Mahdi Army has been the organization that the New York Times has
>been most often blaming for sectarian killings -- it helps Washington
>build its case for its Iran campaign.  I have no facts to prove or
>disprove it, and neither do you.

The NY Times does not make these charges in order to fan the flames of war 
against Iran. In fact, that is the *contradiction* of US foreign policy. 
The US has bolstered the Shi'ite majority in Iraq against the Sunni 
minority. In all the war propaganda against Iran, there is very little 
attention paid to Shi'ite control of the police, etc. The only people who 
make a stink about Iran helping the Mahdists or other Shi'ite militias in 
Iraq are the far-right elements in the Murdoch press, etc. who are pretty 
well marginal in US foreign policy debates.



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