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g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu Aug 3 08:28:57 MDT 2006

Hi David

And thank you too for the comradely tone of your post.  What is puzzling me and I am no military expert is what the IDFF hopes to gain from the "buffer zone".  Can't the Hizbollah missiles simply skip over the zone and into Israel and won't the IDF soldiers who are in the buffer zone be subject to attack as they were following the 1982 invasion?  Or do they simply intend to make the region uninhabitable as in Tacitus' famous description of Roman tactics -  "They have made a desert and they call it peace"?

Moreover although the Arab army does not exist that can defeat the IDF, limits are emerging to the 'shock and awe' strategy. In addition Israel does look vulnerable to rocket attack.

Colin Powell when at West Point evolved the doctrine of all out military brutality at first before public opinion could be mobilised against the war.  However although the people of Lebanon feel that they have been deserted by the world, I think the horror of what is happening is beginning to make itself felt around the world.

I think the internet is a huge factor here.  It used to be said of the Viernam War that this was the first "living room war".  I think that maybe the impact of television was exaggerated.

But there are images available from this crisis unlike any previous one.  This for me is the first internet war. Thanks to digital technology and the blogosphere we all can see the true horror that is being inflicted on the people of Lebanon and of course the Palestinians. The Murdoch empire has lost control of the image making process.

Tomorrow for my lecture on expository documentary I will be showing students videos on the war.  There is a good 7 minute film at palestinianpundit.blogspot.com.  For "balance" I will only have to log on to CNN and Foxnews to get a contrast. Their videos are amazing, in that they are exclusively from the IDF point of view.  The meaning of "embedded journalism" becomes very clear.

I put quotes around balance, because that is the traditional definition of objectivity. But in this case the more CNN/Fox stuff that one shows the more its own rhetorical strategies defeat themselves.



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