[Marxism] Response from CU Chancellor's Office reChurchillWitchHunt

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Thu Aug 3 09:01:59 MDT 2006

>From what little I know about academics and the current academic job market, 
I doubt whether CU or any similarly situated institution will have much 
trouble finding potential employees.   The job's are too easy, the pay too 
good and the potential perquisites too attractive to repel the average job 
seeker.  The people here may be too principled to apply (which is 
commendable, seriously), but there are plenty of Ph.D's who have worked long 
and hard and accumulated huge debts who need the work under whatever 
circumstances...    And, most academics, like most Americans, don't have the 
sort of politics that will get them into trouble with  the average 
university bureaucracy.

Louis G

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> People in the academic job market have to make a very heavy investment in
> tenure.  It's a simple question of self-interest that they don't want to
> make that kind of investment if it can be reversed as the political winds
> change direction.  As I said earlier, this isn't a question of group
> solidarity or politics...just looking out for Number One...something in
> which academics excel.

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