[Marxism] Cult of the Suicide Bomber

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Thu Aug 3 15:05:09 MDT 2006

Louis Proyect wrote:
> Lenin, I have a lot of trouble reading your comments, although I am
> sure that they are interesting. Your email software seems to mangle
> them in ways that I don't quite understand. When I look at them on the
> lbo-talk archives, they stretch out to the far right margin. Your
> reply here collapses the ">'s", so that it is difficult to distinguish
> between my original text and your reply. Maybe Les can assist you.

his posts are using 'quoted-printable' ... i can't tell from his headers
what email app he is using, but turning off quoted-printable will help a
lot. i think i wrote on this already, check the archives.


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