[Marxism] How to answer these questions?

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Fri Aug 4 04:12:25 MDT 2006

Luko Willms writes:

>  That's why I insist on the separation or even contradiction between
> the Israeli interests on the one hand and Jewish on the other only
> against pro-Israli bigots and against neo-nazis and antisemites.
>   Those who actually suffer from the Israeli racism are a different
> case.
Luko is someone I listen to carefully, but here I think he makes only a
necessary but not sufficient distinction.

Even victims of racism can and should be corrected for manifesting
race-based political views. It is not inappropriate, for example, to propose
to Jewish victims of the Holocaust that they should distinguish between
German fascism and "Germans" in apportioning responsibility. Most Jews do
not make that distinction.

But it depends on who is making the criticism. The status of the critic can
more critical than the status of the victim.

Palestinians who express hatred for "Jews" will react one way
(antagonistically) to those criticizing them from the outside whom they have
no reason to trust, and another way (respectfully) to those participating in
their struggle whom they regard as comrades.

Adam is speaking from the vantage point of someone inside the struggle who
will be listened to by his Palestinian and other non-Jewish activists when
he has occasion to suggest "political corrections." If he has not earned
their respect, they will ignore and shun him. But he is really the only one
in a position to judge how his comments will be received, as he sharply
reminded Joaquin.

On the other hand, Joaquin's remarks were probably (or should have been)
aimed that part of the Western left, probably the larger part, which has
repeatedly frustrated him with criticisms of movements with which it has
little or no connection.

In general, his advice is sound for anyone who is not involved in any
movement, union, or political party where people are engaged in
"nationalist", "Islamist", or "reformist" struggles which  fall short of the
political criteria established for them by Marxists and others on the
outside. Such criticism, however valid, will almost never be listened to or
received with other than hostility, whereas those in struggle will be
attentive to the very same criticisms made by politically advanced militants
in the same organization who relate sympathetically to them at all stages of
their evolving consciousness.

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