[Marxism] Ortega set to reclaim Nicaragua presidency

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 4 07:53:20 MDT 2006

Should Daniel Ortega and the FSLN win the presidency back in Nicaragua
on the first round, with only a plurality of the popular vote, he will
not have much political authority to make any particular changs in his
country. Lula didn't have a majority when he came into office. Even if
you agree that Calderon won legitimately in Mexico, or alternatively 
if you think AMLO won, neither has the authority to do much. In Felipe
Calderon's case, he won't have much authority to maintain a stable 
capitalist administration. AMLO, should he win, will at least have the
authority of having won a fight for legitimacy over a candidacy which
claimed victory illigitimately. Still, an AMLO presidency would also
be limited in what it can do, though less limited because to obtain
the presidency, he'd at least have beaten back the electoral fraud.

In any event, Mexico is certainly only seeing the beginning of a very
rough period ahead politically.

Walter Lippmann

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