[Marxism] France playing pivotal role in Lebanese crisis

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Fri Aug 4 10:37:21 MDT 2006

Andrew Pollack wrote:

> And from those opposed to the French ruling class's schemes:
>  http://www.lcparty.org/DeclarationPCL-LCR.pdf
>  a joint statement of the LCR and the French section of the Lebanese PC.
>  (I don't read French, anyone who does might offer some comments.)
>  P.S. See also at internationalviewpoint.org a new statement on Lebanon by
> Socialist Resistance.
So are you are saying that anything short of regaining the Shebaa Farms and
resolving the other outstanding issues on the agenda of the region's
resistance movements makes it WRONG to assert that a French-sponsored
ceasefire, even one involving a several kilometre pullback of its forces,
would be "a major victory for Hezbollah because it would leave its military
capabilities, unprecedented level of political prestige, and bargaining
power in any subsequent negotiation intact - the best outcome it can hope
for in the present circumstances"?

I think, given the mismatch in military power, Hezbollah and its worldwide
supporters would have every right to claim a victory. Obviously, that
doesn't imply endorsement of the regional aims of Israel or any of the
Western powers which will still be contested.

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